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Achieving Goals With Supervised Weight Loss

We live in an era and a part of the world in which unhealthy habits have easily become normalized. Being overweight leads to a multitude of issues; putting pressure on our hearts, joints and nervous systems by eating foods and indulging in activities that aren’t good for us. 

Luckily, we have found balanced solutions to help us achieve and maintain a healthy body weight in a way that doesn’t compromise our overall wellness. That’s the basis of a supervised weight loss program: to provide an intelligent, workable program that helps clients lose weight and keep it off, once and for all.

What Supervised Weight Loss Programs Entail

At Foothills Center for Women, we provide a thoughtful program focusing on supervised weight loss that is tailored specifically to meet each client’s needs. Pamela Sloop FNP-C, works hand in hand with our weight loss patients to create a personalized program based on individual weight loss goals and healthcare needs. She does this by utilizing one of the appetite-suppressing prescriptions, phentermine, Saxenda, Contrave and others.  The optional MIC B6 B12 “Energy Boosting Shot” can also be added to help boost your energy level, resulting in increased metabolism. 

Pam has a specialized medically-supervised weight loss program to meet your needs. Scheduled meetings with each client one to four times per month help guide you through the weight loss process to have success and meet your goal. Her patients report an overall feeling of elation once they’ve met and kept their goals, emerging from the program looking and feeling fantastic.

Why the Program Works

Contrary to what late-night television ads might tell you, there is no silver bullet weight loss solution. No single pill, maneuver or fad will help you lose pounds and maintain a healthy body weight without compromising your overall wellness. That’s why we offer a comprehensive supervised weight loss program, giving you personal guidance and the motivation you need to achieve a healthy weight through a balanced, health-focused approach.

Program Rates and Details

Our weight loss programs are not currently covered by insurance. A member of our staff will be happy to walk you through our pricing structure and explain its components to you.